Jaws' best worst moments

Here's a little secret for you: we, the editors of GamesRadar, love Jaws Unleashed. Not because it's a particularly well-designed game, which it isn't. No, we love it because of its rich potential for gruesome aquatic stupidity. We love it because it's so over-the-top that what would otherwise be cruel becomes hilarious. We love it because a shark fires missiles. And we've decided to share some of our favorite moments with you in two spankin' new videos.

The first video, titled "Jumping the Shark," is a short montage of Jaws doing the things sharks like to do - like eating helicopters, tail-whipping people into the air to make them explode and spitting explosives at the beachfront homes of wealthy executives.

The second, which we call "Suck It, Dolphin!," follows Jaws on a trip through a SeaWorld-like aquatic park, where he rips open an orca and mangles trainers, all to the delight of the tourists in the stands.


June 9, 2006


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