Japanese Fallout: New Vegas ad ridicules JRPGs

We love JRPGs. But let’s be honest. They can be a bit repetitive and predictable. That’s why we love this new Japanese ad campaign for Fallout: New Vegas, which tries to strike a nerve with Japanese RPG fans who may be looking for something different.

The ad hosts eight angry gamers who are sick of stale and formulaic RPGs. “A game where you just follow the scenario is like living life on rails,” says one. “What’s the point of playing again if there’s no change to the story,” says another. “When did games become something that you watch?” asks the woman on the far left. But our favorite anti-JRPG sign says “I think it would be nice if the main character had a mission aside from just wiping out evil.”

Above: Will Fallout: New Vegas turn Japanese RPGs fans on to gaijin games?

Fallout: New Vegas will be releasing on October 19 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in North America. The European release is scheduled for October 22.

Aug 6, 2010

Source: Andriasang