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Jack Keane review

Traditional point 'n click that smacks of the Monkey Island series


  • Monkey Island Influence
  • Charm and wittiness
  • Not too challenging


  • Not original
  • Not challenging enough
  • Trial-and-error puzzles

Wemade a promise to ourselves and to you, dear reader, that we%26rsquo;d never do it. I%26rsquo;d never compare a point-and-clicker to The Secret of Monkey Island, or any other LucasArts adventure.

That would be lazy and obvious games journalism, and in any respect, LucasArts%26rsquo; early %26rsquo;90s output was so polished that it only leads to unfavourable comparisons. But then along comes a game like Jack Keane that practically comes with a %26lsquo;Wish You Were Here%26rsquo; postcard of Monkey Island stapled to the box.

Consider the facts: a jittery hero in a flouncy white shirt, a female sidekick who%26rsquo;s tougher than she looks, an obligatory %26lsquo;scare a bird off%26rsquo; puzzle, and an obsession with monkeys. This is a total own-brand version of Monkey Island. We%26rsquo;ve met more innovative sausages than this and if Keane couldn%26rsquo;t be bothered to be original, then why should we, eh? But here%26rsquo;s the caveat: if you don%26rsquo;t judge it against anything else, this is a decent little game.

Jack Keane comes from Deck 13, the German studio responsible for the likeable-ish Ankh adventures, and through research, collaborations with Telltale Games (of Sam %26amp; Max fame) and sheer hard graft, they%26rsquo;ve reached the point where they can put together a solid point-and-click game.

More Info

DescriptionHoratio Alger meets Indiana Jones and many other literary cliches in what's sure to be a slapstick adventure game with a few monkeys thrown in for good measure.
US censor ratingRating Pending
UK censor rating12+
Release date: (US), 7 March 2008 (UK)
Available platforms:PC
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