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Ice Age Cheats, Codes & Guides

Ice Age Cheats

  • Level Codes

    Wanna thaw out levels that u did not even get to?

    message: Level 1 complete----PBBQBB
    Level 2 complete----QBCQBB
    Level 3 complete----SBFQBB
    Level 4 complete----DBKQBB
    Level 5 complete----NBTQBB
    Level 6 complete----PCTQBB
    Level 7 complete----RFTQBB
    Level 8 complete----CKTQBB
    Level 9 complete----MTTQBB
    Level 10 complete no way to get a code for this one
    Submitted by RICHARD T
  • Unlock sketches and scenes from "Ice Age"

    At code screen type in MFKRPH
    Submitted by Dylan
  • Level 10 complete/ Stage Select

    At code screen type in NTTTTT
    Submitted by Dylan

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