Soak up the next-gen water effects in this sci-fi thriller

When you%26rsquo;re dealing with a convoluted plot in which scientists want to perform nano-experiments to purify water on a %26ldquo;molecular level%26rdquo; aboard a ship the size of a city that%26rsquo;s about to get taken over by socio-environmental terrorists as it floats in the Indian Ocean; you%26rsquo;d be right to reach for that klaxon marked %26ldquo;bullshit.%26rdquo;

We do know that the terrorists who want to disrupt the experiments follow the teachings of 19th century political economist Thomas Malthus who suggested that the world%26rsquo;s human population would grow faster than the production of food. These Malthusians want less people on the planet - and this new water treatment could give clean water to millions and help create more hungry mouths. Malthus%26rsquo; projections suggested that we%26rsquo;d start running out of grub midway through the 20th century, but we didn%26rsquo;t and he was proved wrong.

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