How to break Metroid Prime 3

Nov 19, 2007

There’s something about Metroid that makes otherwise normal people skip breakfast, lunch and dinner to play it in ways that must make the developers shake their fists and say ‘Grrrr’. An entire community of Samus speedrunners is out there, digging up shortcuts and tricks with their game spades, shaving milliseconds off completion times - they’ve even got their own language (see below). You don’t have to join the scary clan of people trying to finish the game 100% in the time it takes to peel a potato; but you can still give some of their tricks and glitches a go.

Metroid Speedrunner’s Glossary
Here are a few fancy terms for things you need to know if you’re going to make a go at completing the game at super speed, and are helpful if you want to just ruin a designer’s cruel desires to limit your freedom.

BSJ: Bomb Space Jump. Roll back towards a wall in Morph Ball mode, then quickly jump and revert to spacelady form. The game hasn’t got ‘room’ to show you the animation of Samus unrolling - so you’re free to immediately jump extra high, like a rabbit on its birthday.

Ghetto Jump: Extra height again. Jump against a wall while holding Z to lock the view - you can pull away and jump again as you’re dragged back down.

Secret World: An ‘out of bounds’ area. Places outside the normal boundaries of rooms that Samus can float about in, hovering over to ledges and areas that are usually inaccessible until later.

Low Percent: The challenge of completing a Metroid game while collecting as few pickups and bonuses as possible - so the percentage score on your save file is low, low, low.

And now, on to the tricks that will rip MP3: Corruption a new one…

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