How Bungie plays Halo: Reach [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Brian Jarrard, community leader for the Halo franchise, demonstrates the expert way to win at Invasion on Spire and Slayer on Paradiso

The majority of game videos on the internet are utter crap. Know why? Because they were recorded at a preview press event with some wuss of a journalist on the controller. Like me. Listen, just because we're the people you want writing and talking about videogames doesn't mean we're the ones you want signing up for a professional multiplayer tournament. Our online combat skills are usually average at best.

So when I attended the Halo: Reach review event in San Francisco last week, I decided to record footage – and audio commentary – from someone who truly knows what he's doing. In this case? Brian Jarrard, community director at Bungie. By the time you buy Halo: Reach on September 14, he'll have already been playing it for months, possibly years. This is a man whose multiplayer skills you want to watch, and study, very closely.

Sep 1, 2010

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