• john-silverburg - November 3, 2013 2:17 p.m.

    For sure anyone who beat this game on ironman on classic worked around the system to beat it or just played it over and over through the beginning part at least to get a good start. I just tried playing it yesterday on classic regular and i've had to repeat the second mission 3 times before the game would let me beat the mission without losing a team member. Then on the third mission the first alien i encounter snipes my assault who has defensive bonus ability (corporal rank(my only corporal and highest ranked soilder i have)) when she's behind cover from long distance, first shot she's dead 6hp damage it was the first shot fired at her too. Also all three of the times i had to repeat the 2nd mission to make sure no one died when they did die they were all behind FULL cover when they got one shot and also it was from long distance. I think this sort of thing is just retarded. I mean how are they getting critical shots so easily on my guys behind full cover from maximum range? Also they have plasma pistols and when i finally unlock those things they most damage i think i've seen them do when my colonel ranked super soliders use them is 5.... Which would have allowed my corporal to survive that bs maximum distance critical shot. but somehow they manage to do 6 hp damage. I just think it's stupid that something like this can happen seemingly so easily and it just seems like the game is cheating to screw you over. So idk this game is one that i believe impossible iron man really is impossible to beat. If anyone told me they did it i'd for sure need proof to even consider believing them.

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