Hour of Victory - hands-on

Three heroes - at the same time

Other WWII shooters have put you in the boots of multiple soldiers, but the only thing usually separating them is their nationality and level environments. Here, the three playable characters have unique skill sets and gameplay styles. The British Commando can rush into battle, guns blazing, like any other action game. The US Army Ranger relies more on agility, patience and sniping kills. And the American OSS Operative prefers infiltration, sneaking through shadows and catching enemies unaware. Plus, you can play each one as much or as little as you like, switching between them at various checkpoints.

Play each level differently

Changing heroes can mean changing the way you tackle a given level. When we controlled the commando, we shot and ran about indiscriminately, full of action star confidence. The game was quick and arcadey. But when we were the operative, Hour of Victory became much more of a stealth game. We avoided enemies and searched out alternate routes away from the crossfire.

See each level differently

Going through a map once won't show you everything, either, as the three lead characters can each access their own parts of the level. The commando can pick lock doors and cut through barbed wire to reach interior hallways and back alleys, from which he can take guerrilla pot shots or creep up behind someone's neck with a knife. The ranger, on the other hand, can jump farther and climb higher than his two counterparts, meaning he can access rooftops and then move from one building to another while sniping soldiers from above.