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High School Musical: Sing It! review

Karaoke for pre-teens


  • Bouncy pop tunes
  • Fun Duet mode
  • Authentic dance routines


  • Clumsy interface
  • Animated actors
  • Some weird song choices

Jan 7, 2008

How much you enjoy this game largely depends on whether you%26rsquo;ve actually watched High School Musical and whether, as a result, you want to %26lsquo;sing it!%26rsquo; If you have, and you do, then the chances are you won%26rsquo;t dislike these sickly pop songs and the annoying teenagers singing them as much as we do.

Don%26rsquo;t get us wrong: we love the song Breaking Free. But the rest are a pretty mixed bag, some of which, like Get %26lsquo;cha Head in the Game, aren%26rsquo;t even really suited to karaoke. Singing these tougher songs isn%26rsquo;t made any easier by the game%26rsquo;s presentation. Instead of scrolling words across the screen and making it clear what your next line is as SingStar does, High School Musical displays them statically and doesn%26rsquo;t make it very clear when you come in, meaning it%26rsquo;s very easy to miss the first couple of words of a line.

More Info

DescriptionYou can only forgive this game's faults if you liked the movie - and if you liked the movie, you're better off spending your money on the DVD.
PlatformWii, PS2
US censor ratingEveryone, Everyone
UK censor ratingRating Pending, Rating Pending
Release date:13 November 2007 (US), (UK)
Available platforms:PS2
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