Hidden secrets of Phantom Hourglass

Nov 14, 2007

So you’ve filled the hourglass, saved the girl and pillaged the ocean. But before you cast the latest Zelda aside, here are all those tricky bits around the edges...

For every 10 gems you find you can power up your fairies. Here’s how to find all 60:

Power gems

1) Mercay Island Shop
Buy one in the shop for a whopping 500 rupees.

2) Isle of Ember, Astrid’s House
Talk to Astrid after beating the Temple of Fire.

3) Cannon Island, Bomb Garden Cavern
Use the bomb flower to open the crack in the eastern wall.

4) Isle of Gust
Inside the chest on the western ledge (center-left of the isle).

5) Temple of Wind
Inside the chest (floor B2).

6) Mercay Island, Oshus’s House
Speak to Oshus after beating the Temple of Wind.

7) Mercay Island
Bomb the crack just south of the Ocean King’s temple.

8) Temple of the Ocean King
Defeat the three phantom eyes on floor B4 to reveal a chest.

9) Temple of Courage
Bomb the north-west chamber on floor 1F to reveal a chest.

10) Temple of Courage
Floor 2F: shoot two eye crests to reveal a chest.

11) Temple of the Ocean King
Shoot the north-east eye crest on floor B3 to reveal a chest.

12) Goron Island
Inside a chest to the north of the island.

13) Isle of Frost
Hookshot up just south of the temple to reach the chest on the high ledge.

14) Molida Island
Use the hookshot to reach a chest on the south-east isle near Romanos’ Hut.

15) Spirit Island
Hookshot the peg to the right of docks and grapple east to find a chest.

16) Bannan Island
Hookshot the chest on the south-west island, near to the pier.

17) Temple of the Ocean King
Hop onto the north-east peg on floor B7 and hookshot the orb on the tall platform.

18) Isle of the Dead
From the sacred tree go 13 tiles west, seven tiles north. Dig and bomb the wall below.

19) Isle of Ruins
Lower the water to access a small chest in the NE corner of the SW maze.

20) Postbox
Receive a letter from King Mutoh after obtaining the final pure metal.


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