Halo Anniversary video demonstrates how classic campaign stage Silent Cartographer was updated

One of E3’s less surprising, but certainly interesting announcements was that Halo: Combat Evolved, the game that made Xbox a household name, was getting a full-on remake for 360. This rerelease is the first real test for Halo’s current flagship developer (343 Industries), as the team is taking over for franchise’s creator Bungie. Perhaps remaking what many see as the best game of all time isn’t most helpful way to examine 343’s abilities at designing new Halo content, but it certainly shows the devs devotion to the Halo franchise. That love is in full force during this lengthy trailer for the classic campaign level The Silent Cartographer.

The gameplay looks pitch perfect to us, and the narrator certainly sounds convincing, but to be honest we haven’t played this in a decade, so we could be way off. How’s this look to the Halo fans out there?

Jul 22, 2011

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