Half-Life 2

Flash Gordon's gonna save every one of us

Let’s regroup: first, the graphical leap from the PC’s Episode 1 proves they’re making good use of the latest hardware. Next up, well, it looks like an absolute dream to play. The gravity gun is back with a bang. We’ve seen Gordon Freeman legging it away from super-powerful enemies, zapping anything in sight - crates, axes, barrels, even tin baths - and then shooting it straight back at the alien as he plays the wrong role in a fatal game of Tom & Jerry. The feeling of sheer panic and improvisation is perfect as he desperately scrambles through a shack, smashing windows with crowbars and leaping through them as he second-guesses which route the superb AI takes the enemy next. And he’s not just running away, but all the time desperately looking for more debris to use as ammo.

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