Guitar Hero: World Tour vs Rock Band 2

Last year we compared upstart Rock Band against Guitar Hero III to see which shredded harder, and more importantly, which one shredded properly. Difficulty is one thing, proper note allocation is another, no?

But that’s old news. This year we’ve pitted Rock Band 2’s year-old drum tech against Guitar Hero: World Tour’s brand new drum section. The two games share 14 songs on the disc (by our count), even more via DLC, but we decided to pick the eight that you actually might want to play.

Before the vids, our quick consensus: World Tour’s drum set is more satisfying to play, mainly due to the deep “thunk” of the big pads and the higher “tink” of the fake cymbals. Rock Band still feels like a big chunk of plastic, and the $40 add-on cymbals tend to glitch up and miss notes. Looks like Neversoft spent their year well, making a drum kit that, for the time being, outperforms Harmonix’s offering.

But hell, we still prefer Rock Band’s presentation, setlist and community to Guitar Hero’s KFC-themed failure pile.

Note: All songs are played on Hard.

“Everlong” by Foo Fighters

Strange, this. Guitar Hero III was known for being a helluva lot harder than Rock Band, but from the looks of it Everlong on Hard is far harder on Rock Band 2. World Tour leaves out a lot of the foot pedals seen on the right. Thus, we’re going with Rock Band on this one.

“Today” by Smashing Pumpkins

Almost identical structure, but World Tour’s extra input (the second cymbal, colored orange on the bar) makes you feel a bit more like a drummer than Rock Band’s always-ambiguous blue note that tends to change into whatever the song requires. World Tour gets a point.

“One Way or Another” by Blondie

Total opposite of Everlong – now World Tour is harder with more yellow notes and variation than Rock Band. Both are challenging sets, but again the new drum kit offers a better illusion of real drumming. Another for World Tour.

“Our Truth” by Lacuna Coil

Great example of two very different ways to lay out the same song. World Tour is a bit harder in our opinion, but it’s a tough section on either game. Uh, let’s go with a tie.

“Float On” by Modest Mouse

Extremely similar with one small (but crucial) difference – Rock Band adds the blue note while World Tour keeps you on red and yellow the whole time. Realistic setup or not, we want to use the kit we paid for, so this one goes to Rock Band.

“Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi

Looks like 95% the same to us. In this case World Tour uses yellow where Rock Band 2 uses green, and the latter throws in a few more notes in the fill section. Either way it’s a slow-ish song not really meant for an awesome drum experience. Another tie.

“The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World

Lots of give and take here. Where one leaves something out, it makes up for later with something else. A missing pedal note here, an added red note there, etc. Can’t say one is stronger or better than the other, so let’s call it a tie.

“Lazy Eye” by Silversun Pickups

Both have the same feel, but Rock Band moves the right hand to blue instead of staying on yellow, providing much-appreciated variation in a hugely long song. Rock Band it is. That makes it 3-2 in Rock Band’s favor – winner!

That’s our take – what’s yours? Sound off in the comments below, let’s see what YOU think of this soon-to-be massive rivalry between Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2!

Oct 31, 2008

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  • XXCERBERUSXX - November 9, 2008 2:30 a.m.

    id say i like world tour better. but idk its HARD!
  • scrattch4 - November 6, 2008 12:19 a.m.

    heres the thing, in gh:wt you can see the note coming sooner than rb2, however, the notes go faster. btw im a gh die hard fan, but i am not going to buy it cause it is not gh, its something else, i dont know what, but its not gh!!!
  • Dead-Moon - November 4, 2008 5:31 p.m.

    guitar hero always will dominate rock band
  • AzRedsk1n - November 4, 2008 3:38 a.m.

    I lov em both Party Hard
  • Marioninja1 - November 3, 2008 11:46 p.m.

    Honestly I'm a RB guy, Because now Guitar Hero's copying off Rock band, and Rock band looks way better, and I honestly just left Guitar Hero when I got Rock Band
  • TarkDaShark - November 3, 2008 10:03 p.m.

    ROCK BAND(im sorry but the sliding concept is gay
  • Tikicobra - November 3, 2008 8:49 p.m.

    Rock Band is awful. The music is all alternative, where-as Guitar Hero has classic rock. The strumming on Rock Band is unresponsive, as is the drumming. Guitar Hero is superior.
  • TyrannosaurusAlan - November 3, 2008 7:22 p.m.

    Another thing. In the about 7 Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands there hasn't been ONE White Stripes song in any of them. What's up with that?
  • KHfan - November 3, 2008 4:08 p.m.

    im pretty gd on a guitar but i rock on the drums:)
  • scarface63 - November 3, 2008 6:11 a.m.

    rock band 2 is way better guitar hero added drums i hope they realize that u could use the guitar for the drums i stick to rock band cuz they let u play any where u want as in the others guitar heros the story or songs u play are controlled by the game not by the player i haven't play the new guitar hero but if they control where u play and the songs are chosen then that game is shit and the graphics are shit they look like crap the pedal notes i can't even see them ........the pedal for the drum set is shit it's so weak it looks like i can break it if i hit a note hard then there no lock bar for the drum set how am i supose to keep the pedal under my foot this game has a lot of probelms thats why ROCK BAND WINS they have better song they dont have rapist on their set list and well what else is there to say other THAN THE FUCKING AWSOME DLC
  • JEDSaje - November 1, 2008 5:33 p.m.

    Ya Ravenbom duz not i repeat duz not know what he is talking about. ya theres no rim shots but come on its just to have fun nd the drums on expert are VERY realistic me being a drumer. i would know. . . But back to the actual artical... Rock Band and Guitar hero are tied in my opinion on difficulty because how much can you change drums when ur hitting drums so to speak. Guitar Hero at points is more difficult like when its a hard song its really hard but the same thing with rock band. THe only thing that is really a big difference is the hardware and the in game look. It is difficult at first to get the hang of activating star power in guitar hero and the 5th pad but they are basicaly the same. and also this test wasnt very efficient because they played on hard no expert and in expert u play the actual song to a degree. So thats my opinion
  • oANCIENTo - November 1, 2008 6:14 a.m.

    Rock Band2 is easy i five stared every song on expert. But i like the guitar hero games better. By the way i got a 100 percent on Through The Fire And Flames on Expert.
  • Ravenbom - November 1, 2008 1:23 a.m.

    Well, as a musician, I have to say that both games work on making games, not accuracy. So go with whatever one is the most fun for you. Personally, there's A LOT of give and take, but Rock Band might have a slight edge in realism across all instruments. I don't really play drums on any of these, because it's SOOOO foreign, even more so than playing guitar/bass on either. If you want to know what's most realistic, it's always the most boring. I loved GH3 for a while, but it always pissed me off that they added notes just to make it harder. The new one chilled out on that a bit, but still there's arbitrary notes on all instruments. It's always the most boring game that's the most realistic. Silent Scope would be laying in a field for 3 days before taking one shot. Same as music games, most songs are 3-4 chords, and drums only go ride to crash or closed hi-hat to open hi-hat on choruses. It's boring, if you look at it from a game perspective. So this musician says, play whatever you find most fun. Or actually learn how to play an instrument. Let me know if you do, I wouldn't mind starting a band again.
  • TyrannosaurusAlan - November 1, 2008 12:49 a.m.

    It's obvious that Rock Band is better.
  • al3x930 - October 31, 2008 11:13 p.m.

    So do the Guitar Hero: World Tour drums work with Rock Band 2 on PS3? and vice versa?
  • Crazy Mother F@#$%^ - October 31, 2008 10:30 p.m.

    I love the way Rock Band 2 looks, if we could us Guitar Hero's Drum set on Rock Band 2, that would be the best, liking one over the other depends on which one you're used to, i used to play Guitar Hero all the time, it used to be my favorite, but when Rock Band came out, it's playing was much more fun, so i adapted to that one, Guitar Hero tries too hard on making the songs hard, and not fun
  • maxx1 - October 31, 2008 9:32 p.m.

    Guitar Hero FTWWWW
  • NYfanatic - October 31, 2008 9:31 p.m.

    GH Drums are a lot better then Rock bands drums. Overall guitar hero is better for me
  • gorillazbmx6 - October 31, 2008 8:41 p.m.

    on expert tho rock band gets so much harder i did everlong at a friends house on ghwt it was so easy on the highest difficulty but on rock band its more of a challenge and more fun rb is also more composed and easier to pick up and play whenever i think
  • key0blade - October 31, 2008 7:59 p.m.

    I suck on the drums, but chyall make it look easy...

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