• CH3BURASHKA - September 13, 2010 8:33 a.m.

    I think that good story is worth trudging through bad gameplay for. All you gots to do is put on some music during the grind, and turn it down for the story. I'll be going back to play Fragile Dreams and Nier based on this.
  • doczoidberg - September 13, 2010 8:40 p.m.

    You are so right about Fragile Dreams.... I just finished it, and it's a darn shame that the gameplay was so clunky. Fragile Dreams was almost brilliant.
  • Smeggs - December 20, 2010 10:58 p.m.

    Infalible Scribblenauts Strategy: 1. Summon Cthulhu. 2. Drag and drop him on the other side of the map until all enemies are dead. 3. Summon Wings/Pegasus or a submarine or w/e you need to summon to reach the other side of the map. 4. Drag Cthulhu to tash can. 5. Grab Starite. It's kinda ironic how Call of Cthulhu comes right after Scribblenauts. Also even if Nier is supposedly that bad I still have to rent it to see for myself. If it's Square Enix then it can't be complete garbage. even the worst Final Fantasy games had their shining moments.
  • yonderTheGreat - February 14, 2011 10:23 a.m.

    "insipid minigames, dodgy combat that lacks essentials like a targeting system, and a whole host of inexcusably lazy backtracking, fetchquests and repetition that permeates the experience" In other words, it's a Squeenix game.
  • MyStupidUserNameWontWork - November 13, 2011 7:21 a.m.

    Can I just give a shoutout to Kane & Lynch: Dead Men it is one of the most non-stop games that ever played every level is a full pelt run to the next level... I'm actually going to liken it to one of those old side scrollers like metal slug. but the story elements do exsactly what they need to, the give you an interesting story that includes a character driven storyline though Kane (one of the coolest guys in gaming)while never intruding on gameplay. So unlike FF series which relyed on hours of cutscenes, the diologue for this game takes place in that normally empty period between when the shooting stops and the next door to get to the next level. One of the most important thinks for me was the feel, the entire game is shot over the shoulder in a gritty blair which/Cloverfield style low-fi hand held camera an effect that dosen't interfere in gameplay at all (suprisingly). Oh and if you played the first K+L dont be obligated to finish that piece of crap, that game did suck all of the way though and it bears no relation to the story in number two so no need to play it. Most improtantly K+L a flop game that most of you can find in you local Game traders bargin bin for the better side of $20 so you have no excuse not to go out and give this game a try.

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