Gravity Gone Wild shooter Inversion revealed

Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation: The Official Magazine unveil first mind-bending screens and info

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Some games are too wild to debut in one single magazine. That%26rsquo;s why the December issues of Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation: The Official Magazine %26ndash; on store shelves tomorrow, Oct 20 %26ndash; are conspiring together to blow the lid off of the new third-person shooter Inversion, coming from publisher Namco Bandai and developer Saber Interactive, who also created TimeShift.

What is Inversion? In a nutshell, it%26rsquo;s a game in which gravity is both wacko and at your command. It takes place in a bombed-out near-future world in which war has literally begun tearing up the fabric of modern physics. Sometimes, your feet will be on the ground. Other times, you%26rsquo;ll be walking on walls or ceilings, maybe even shooting it out in complete weightlessness. And you%26rsquo;ve got a power glove that can enable you to do things like this:

For the full scoop, pick up whichever official mag best matches the console sitting under your television. PTOM readers will also get a huge Batman strategy guide as well as exclusive multiplayer maps and developer tips on some game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. OXM loyalists will get a little CoD:MW2 and Left 4 Dead 2, plus a whole lot of Assassin%26rsquo;s CreedII hands-on coverage. Either way, you win.

Above: Both mags are guaranteed to be on store shelves by tomorrow, but subscribers are already reading them. Just sayin%26rsquo;.

Oct 19, 2009


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