Grand Theft Radar: Liberty City speed run

From Alderney to Broker, get the end-to-end tour with our high-octane video

Starting at Liberty City's westernmost point - a cliff overlooking the ocean in Alderney - we hopped in a SuperGT and jammed it nonstop all the way to the runways of Francis International Airport in Broker. Wall-driving, crash-happy craziness ensued - and you can watch it all, unedited, right here:

As you can see, our best time - from the point where Niko walks away from the cliff to his splash by the airport - is about four minutes, 18 seconds. But we're willing to bet you can do better, so we invite you to shove your awesomeness in our faces by recording your own runs, uploading them to YouTube and posting them toour forum. Good luck - it's dangerous out there.

May 2, 2008


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