Gaming's greatest victory jingles

A giant compendium of some of the most uplifting tunes you'll ever hear

Another classic series known widely for its awesome music, Castlevania has gone through a lot of permutations over the years – and so have its victory themes, which in the early days ranged from this hasty little number in Castlevania 1…

… to this slightly more ornamented piece in Castlevania 3…

… before culminating in the awesome pipe-organ riff that accompanied every cleared stage in Super Castlevania IV.

The ones in Castlevania: Dracula X, meanwhile, had a fiercer, more battle-weary quality to them. But that game was just an inferior port of a much better game that only recently became available outside Japan, so nobody even cared.

Above: That it was pretty good on its own doesn’t matter. Ugh, why are we even bringing it up?