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August 26, 2010

Game: Mike Tyson%26rsquo;s Punch-Out!!
Song: Training / Credits
Composers: Yukio Kaneoka, Akito Nakatsuka, Kenji Yamamoto

Above: You%26rsquo;re already humming it %26ndash; now LISTEN!

That%26rsquo;s right, bitches! MIKE TYSON%26rsquo;S Punch-Out!! (

Above: Call it anything else and you%26rsquo;re simple lying to yourself

In addition to Tyson, no grating announcer voice, and fewer racially insensitive characters, here%26rsquo;s another thing the NES version had that the arcades didn%26rsquo;t: MOAR MUSIC! Most sports titles at that time have little more than an anthem and a couple of fanfare jingles. Mike Tyson%26rsquo;s Punch-Out!!, however, had full blown songsgood-God-damned great, not only wouldthey never be forgotten, even new gamers introduced to the jam years later cannot escape its charm.

Don%26rsquo;t believe me? Check this :45 second clip fromTalkRadar 113%26rsquo;s community segment, where we play your phone calls to the TalkRadar hotline LIVE on the show (CALL NOW! 1-877-404-1337 Ext. 327) What%26rsquo;s clearly a young listener, born loooong after 1987, calls in to find the name of a mysterious song he can%26rsquo;t seem to get out of his head. Oh, what could it be?!?!

Yes, our filthy, stupid podcast can take partial credit, as we play a shit ton of classic game music week in and week out. But more than a little credit also goes to Nintendo itself. I%26rsquo;ve heard several dozen remixes ofPunch-Out!! songs - be they fromprofessional musiciansor about *cough*stolen bikes - but none of them compare to the version Nintendo revamped for2009%26rsquo;s phenomenally overlooked Punch-Out!!

Above: Will make you want to run out and start a montage

That song invokes every bit of reverence and concentrated joy I get from the original and it%26rsquo;s recorded with the utmost competence thanks to what I%26rsquo;m guessing was a sizable budget. I couldn%26rsquo;t stop playing the Wii game%26rsquo;s music on our podcast, due mostly to the fact that each fighter has the tune wonderfully remixed to theirspecificethnicity.You can hear those and more Punch-Out!! SFX reverence inTalkRadar 52.

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