Game cameos in movies and TV

Games and movies are like two unmixable things., airborne molten ash and commuter flights. Our tenuous topical analogy aside, generally the union of our favourite mediums never ends well. Thankfully, though, for every time there's a Legend of Chun-Li to sully our souls there's a game popping up in TV or films (mercifully not about games) to save the day.

That's we collected a bunch of clips of games being crow-barred into our favourite telly box shows and various movies. Sure, some are absolute pump. But there are a few gems in there, too. So if you've ever wanted to see Tony Soprano play Mario Kart, you've come to the only article you'll need to read on the interwebs today.

Hardball in The Princess Bride (1987)

Wild Gunmen in Back to the Future Part II (1989)

Super Mario Bros. 3 in The Wizard (1989)

WipEout clone in Hackers (1995)