Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - interview

GR: Toriyama mentioned that he worked on Final Fantasy X-2. That is another spin-off FF game with a whimsical style (as compared to the original.) Would you say that's your style?

MT: Personally I do like lighthearted adventure. But also being spin-offs, being continuations, it means that some conflict has been resolved. Since it comes after conflict has been resolved it calls for more peaceful, lightheartedness.

GR: In terms of both X-2 and Revenant Wings?

MT: Yeah, it applies to both but particularly in Revenant Wings, the FF adventure sense is really what we wanted to get through so that explains how the game goes.

GR: FFXII, at least in North America, seemed to appeal to gamers who weren't such big fans of the series because of the sense of freedom it offered. Did you notice this, and if so, did that affect your development of Revenant Wings?

MT: It wasn't so much the North American reception so much as the series always develops a new battle system for each edition. Answering to the series, we felt like we had to do something new. But as for freedom, this game does offer a high level of freedom, so North American gamers should enjoy that.