Final Fantasy XII boss guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about beating the game’s many bosses. Other than that, we’ll let you explore the game as you see fit - we wouldn’t want to spoil too much now, would we?

1) Firemane

This battle will be much easier if you know the Blizzard spell, so buy it before venturing into the Garamscythe Waterway. Use Protect on Amalia and Vaan to protect them from the Firemane’s attack, and rely on Amalia’s Potion supply to keep them healthy. Meanwhile, take Fran a fair distance away and bombard the Firemane with Blizzard.

2) Mimic Queen

Take direct control of Vaan, and use him to dispatch the Tiny Batteries while your other characters focus on the Mimic Queen. Blizzard spells work well against her, but as she takes damage, she’ll cut loose with high-powered skills like Earth Shaker. Keep your HP up at all costs.

3) Judge Ghis

Use area-effect attack items such as Aero Motes or Blue Fangs to clear out Ghis’s backup. Once he’s alone, Ghis is a talented if not remarkable melee combatant. His big move is Aero, which is powerful enough to drop a weak character in one hit. If you can, use Reflect or a Reflectga.

4) Garuda

Unless you’ve been doing a lot of power-leveling, the Garuda may prove to be too much for you. Fortunately, there’s an optional sidequest you can take to reduce its power. After you defeat the Urutan Eater, return to the Withering Shores and talk to the Moogle. He’ll tell you that the Urutan with your reward just went back to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. Go there and climb the first ramp to see a cutscene, then return to the Nam-Yensa and pick the Eksir Berries from the bush.

Using the Eksir Berries on the Garuda will slow it down and reduce its Attack score. It’s still a Flying opponent, however, which requires you to equip bows and guns in order to attack it. Vossler will do a great deal of damage for you with his Telekinesis Technick.

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