Final Fantasy XII boss guide

11) Judge Bergan

Both Bergan and his cadre of lesser Judges are immune to Fire. Dispatch his backup with high-powered magic like Thundara, then prepare for a thorough drubbing at Bergan’s hands. He can inflict 500-600 damage a hit with his twin swords, and he often strikes multiple times in a round. Set up Gambits to throw out Cura or Curaga the moment any character hits 50% HP or less, and keep all your active characters Protected.

12) Mandragora Prince, Pumpkin Star, Topstalk, Onion Queen, Alraune King

This is easily the most annoying fight in the game, as it’s meant to take advantage of certain flaws in the Gambit system. Turn all of them off when this battle starts, then go stand in a corner of the room buffing your crew up. When one of the bosses gets curious, attack with two of your characters while the third stands ready with Esuna or similar countermeasures. The key is to isolate and destroy each boss in turn.