FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 Expansion Pack Video: All Stadiums

We discussed our hands-on time with the Euro 2012 expansion for FIFA 12 last week. We also promised some extra content around the DLC, which drops on April 24 for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Here's a glimpse at the core stadia in Poland and the Ukraine where you'll be seeing Europe's finest teams butt heads starting in early June.

We chose England vs. Germany for the historical rivalry (and because the Nike kits for France and Holland haven't been revealed yet). But what team do you think will hoist the cup in Kiev, and why?

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  • SentientSquidMachine - April 17, 2012 8:37 a.m.

    Group A: Russia, no competition Group B: Germany....but the Netherlands...if they play to their potential could win the group at least. Group C: Spain....because they're Spain, and because they're only competition is Italy, and you never know what to expect from Italy. Group D: If they get their shit together France. Yeah England's there but how can such a talented team keep fucking up big games, so I'm done picking England, because I know they will find a way to beat themselves. Overall: Spain. Their defense is a blanket, that can and will stop anyone from getting a decent touch of the ball anywhere near the box. They have the best midfield in the world, even better than Germany, and I believe, more so than any strikers, a solid midfield can win matches. And last time I checked, David Villa was still THE man. Oh, and I can't wait to watch Christiano cry when his team is eliminated, flopping, pretentious, douche.

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