Faith and a .45

Everything you need to know about the co-op shooter mixing history and a whole lot of blammo

So... Faith. She%26rsquo;s the dozy-looking chick with the freckles?
Nope, that%26rsquo;s just part of the rubbish title. The broad is Ruby, and the bloke is Luke - a deadly duo of romantically-entwined outlaws with more than a sniff of Bonnie and Clyde about them. But whereas most co-op shooters feature strapping tough guys, the nature of Ruby and Luke%26rsquo;s relationship actually has a significant impact upon both aesthetics and gameplay.

Being hopeless romantics, we%26rsquo;re sold. Go on...
Well, the pair certainly display affection for one another - from kisses of appreciation for a job well done to the kiss of life if you fall in battle. Co-op (and it%26rsquo;s jump in/jump out both online and off, by the way) attackswill range from the basic %26lsquo;you suppress, I flank%26rsquo; shooter staple to snazzier fare like Luke tossing a can of gasoline at an onrushing pack of enemies before Ruby detonates it with her rifle for an impromptu BBQ. This gal is set to be a genuinely fleshed-out sidekick - she%26rsquo;s no meek passenger, that%26rsquo;s for sure.

So it%26rsquo;s the thirties?
Yep. So get ready for cameos by Franklin D. Roosevelt and... er, scratch that. Despite the period setting, the dark army of steel-plated vehicles, and armor clad, flamethrower-wielding pyromaniacs you%26rsquo;ll encounter lends it a more modern, almost steampunk edge. Not only that, but the game will take the form of one long road movie - beginning in the Southern states and working up to the Midwest over five days. And, guess what? Missions are streaming, meaning there%26rsquo;s no load screens! At all!

Let%26rsquo;s talk villains...
The game%26rsquo;s primary antagonist is greedy oil tycoon John Mammon (titter), but a more immediate threat to our star-crossed lovers is Sheriff Duke - who relentlessly pursues the pair across the US. Just what they%26rsquo;ve done to raise their hackles is unclear, but it seems our vigilantes soon become heroes to the beleaguered American people, bless them.

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