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Etrian Odyssey review

Not your typical Japanese RPG...


  • Lots of freedom
  • Huge mazes to explore
  • Vibrant text and dialogue


  • Slow-starting story
  • Trial-and-error situations
  • Forgetting to buy warp mid-dungeon

Etrian Odyssey is not your typical Japanese RPG, though the cute anime artwork might mislead you at first. It%26rsquo;s much more akin to the dungeon-crawlers of yesteryear. Instead of a pre-determined cast of characters that leave and join throughout, you craft your own party from several classes of adventurer. Rather than %26ldquo;Go to Town A, see event B, slog through Dungeon C, wind up in Town D, repeat%26rdquo; gameplay progression, how far you%26rsquo;ve managed to make it into the game is determined simply by how deep you%26rsquo;ve burrowed into the massive labyrinth. There are no gimmick-laden battle systems here, just turn-based combat that%26rsquo;s been the root of RPGs since time immemorial. And, of course, there%26rsquo;s the difficulty, which can only be described as %26ldquo;merciless.%26rdquo;

More Info

GenreRole Playing
DescriptionAn archetypical RPG offering the usual bells and whistles, with a map creation feature for all you aspiring cartographers out there.
US censor ratingRating Pending
UK censor rating
Available platforms:DS
Genre:Role Playing
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