E3 2010: Why wait? Tomorrow's games reviewed NOW – Friday edition

Gaze into our crystal ball and see the scores you’ll be reading months from now

There are lots of things we want to know: Lotto numbers for the next year, how to make a real lightsaber, when this whole %26ldquo;Twilight%26rdquo; mania will finally end%26hellip; But the thing we%26rsquo;re most eager to know is what this E3%26rsquo;s most talked-about games are going to score when it finally comes time to review them. So, we%26rsquo;ve consulted psychics, mediums, and our own future selves to obtain one last batch of wisdom from the future %26ndash; read it now or you%26rsquo;ll have to wait until the rest of time catches up.

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