E3 2010: Criterion Games developing new Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Not too long ago, Need for Speed was the top dog franchise in racing games, sporting good graphics, a solid blend of realism and arcade racing, and innovative gameplay ideas. As the competition became more fierce though, NFS lost some prestige as it got mired in the whole "illegal street racing" scene and stopped bringing many new elements to the table. So how to reinvigorate one of racing's biggest franchises? Get your biggest competitor to develop it of course!

Above: Your tax dollars at work 

Criterion Games, makers of the awesome Burnout series, have been tapped to release NFS: Hot Pursuit, a return to roots for the franchise. Given the popularity of the "cops and robbers" style, Hot Pursuit seems like an excellent way to reignite the NFS franchise. Check out the E3 Trailer here:

NFS:HP is touting its new connective Autolog interface, which will allow for easy meet ups with friends and easy swapping of records and data. EA also mentioned the game will have career modes for both the police and getaway drivers, giving equal time to both the good guys and the bad guys. NFS:HP is scheduled for a November 16th release.

Jun 14th, 2010

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