E3 07: EA Playground - hands-on

Electronic Arts is promising to bring the pleasures of the playground to our screens. Not the playground we went to, thankfully, which means we can avoid the casual spitting, hair-pulling, and broken glass.

It’s all Wii Remote-controlled and in single-player it involves you wandering around at playtime, getting yourself into competitions to rise to the position of King of the Playground. The real heart is the multiplayer, though. Some games are real, such as tennis-stuck-to-a-string-round-a-pole Tetherball, while others (faux-FPS Park Shooter, for example) come from a playground existing only in EA’s mind.

The games are deceptively simple, but very addictive and surprisingly deep. Playing Dodgeball, for example, you’re trying to flip between dodging with Wii Remote-twitches, catching with button presses and thinking about how to best utilize your team members.

A totally different set of games is being developed for the DS, like the Spitball game, where you blow into the mic to send your spittle wad towards your opponent. Ah, so it will have games from our childhood after all.


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