DVDstruction: 5 horrific monsters in HD

By now, you’ve probably seen the motion sickness-meets-whale/parasite monster hype machine, Cloverfield. And like us, you’re probably still scouring internet forums feeding off bare morsels of factoids like that radio transmission you have to play backwards. It’s probably ‘cause we can’t get enough of giant monsters wrecking your shit. We started thinking of more tantrums of gargantuan proportions and came up with five of the most heinous nasties that look the best in 1080p.

These aren’t in any ranked order and we purposefully left off some that weren’t awesome enough, so quit your whining and go rent these flicks.

King Kong

To start, we’d thought it best to mention the titular gorilla, best known for throwing a hissy fit in the Big Apple and seducing a blonde vaudeville juggler. Running at a scant 188 minutes, anyone with the 360 HD-DVD player has a copy lying around on their shelf somewhere.

Never mind that dreadful first hour aboard the cargo ship, the greens and yellows really pop once the V-Rex’s square off against the monkey himself. His fur never felt so unkempt… or real. Pretty damn real in fact. Also, check out the glorious detail of wintry New York as Kong goes apeshit (har har).

Unfortunately, the disc itself is pretty bare bones. Distressing since a 3-disc standard-def DVD was released packed to the brim. We bet a better version will hit Blu-ray once Universal drops HD exclusivity, but until then, you’ll get amazing picture and sound.


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