DK Bongo Blast

Amusingly, even Nintendo isn't quite sure what this is called anymore. We don't blame them: you'll probably remember that it was Donkey Kong Bongo Blast a couple of years back - but that was when it was destined for GameCube, and controlled with the plug-in bongos that originally came packaged with Donkey Konga. And it also borrows bits from GameCube's cancelled Donkey Kong Racing, too. We'd like to suggest they name it "Donkey Kong's Formerly Bongo-Controlled But Keeping The Spirit Of The Original Controls Racing With Jets."

Developed by Paon (whose portfolio is topped by GBA's rather lovely DK: King of Swing), DK Jet Race (or whatever) tells the magical tale of… er, Donkey Kong finding some barrel jets and racing with them. Practically the entire Kong character roster is on the starting line, including the long-AWOL Lanky Kong, villains like King K. Rool and Kritter and, inevitably, Diddy Kong. Each has a pair of flaming musical instruments strapped to their waist, which is all very silly indeed.


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