Devil May Cry gameplay video - Watch the dark-haired Dante in action

Dante's new looks haven't deterred us from getting incredibly excited for the upcoming Devil May Cry. We got our hands-on the brawler, which is detailed in our DmC: Devil May Cry preview, but in case you missed out on stepping foot on the E3 show floor, we've got you covered with our direct video of the demo in the video below. 


  • jackthemenace - June 7, 2012 4:08 p.m.

    A few of the enemies look like they'd be more at home in Shadows of the Damned, but it's indisputable- the gameplay is definitely Devil May Cry. COlour me impressed and reassured- well, provided we still get to switch fluidly between weapons/styles like we did with Dante in #4, I'd hate to be stuck with just Nero's grapple-style gameplay again.
  • BladedFalcon - June 7, 2012 5:24 p.m.

    Guys, small piece of advice: If you want people to get over how the New Dante looks, and to stop bitching about it, maybe you should stop mentioning every single frigging time you write about the game? If you acted like that's just how things are, and didn't acknowledge it anymore, it would feel more natural, as it is, bashing people over the head with comments about every single time is just obnoxious. Even to people like me who are more than willing to give the game a chance already once it comes out. Anyway, the combat looks solid and fluid enough, and i like that the combo indicator is there.... Though I kinda liked it before when it had a bar that indicated you how closer you were to achieving the next combo rank. Also, it doesn't feel immediately evident if the score increases faster or not depending on whether you vary your attack style or not. This is important for me to know, because one of the biggest draws of the original DMC series was that their combo system encouraged you to switch up your playstile, and punished you if you spammed the same combo chain over and over. And i agree with Jackthemenace with the enemies. I am not entirely sold on their style. They look too dark and grotesque, and not all that varied and striking as the DMC enemies looked. I supposed they probably fit better with the tone Ninja Theory is going for though, so as long as they resonate with the story, I guess I can accept it.

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