Destiny 2 on PC looks stunning and plays like never before. See strikes, exploration, and PvP in 4K, 60 fps

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Destiny 2 hits the PC tomorrow, on Tuesday, October 24. And having recently spent a couple of days at Bungie’s studio, playing through a great big chunk of campaign, Strikes, and Crucible PvP, I can certify that it is something that deserves your attention. Like, a lot of your attention.

No mere port, Destiny 2 on PC is a full-fat, bespoke version of the game, developed side-by-side with the console editions to be, well, everything a PC version of Destiny 2 should be. I’ll get into it properly tomorrow, with a full, deep-dive report on the whole game, including a great deal of insight from its creators. But know for now that if you were waiting for the PC version before making a buying decision on Destiny 2, your wait looks to have been entirely justified.

Visually stunning, to a degree that at times makes even the beautiful console version look a tad plain, Destiny 2 on PC has a richness, tactility, and lush fidelity that takes the game’s already vibrant, living sense of place and amplifies it to a very different level. Particularly at 60 frames-per-second, the sheer sense of movement and physicality is really rather glorious to experience. Factor in some excellently implemented keyboard and mouse control, and really you have a version of Destiny 2 that, with its immediacy and finesse, makes that screen feel a little more like a window than it did before. 

It’s still the same game, content-wise, but it doesn’t feel like it. This is a faster, more instant Destiny 2, in which any remaining barrier between player will and on-screen action is well and truly removed. Blended with Bungie’s trademark, expressive combat – all constant, omnidirectional movement and organically spiralling strategic decisions – you have the real fun of Destiny set loose on an unprecedented level. If you’re a staunch PC player, deprived of Bungie’s unique brand of FPS since Halo 2, you have a hell of a treat incoming. If you’re an existing console player looking to make the move, you can look forward to a flavour of Destiny you’ve simply never experienced before.

Like I said, I’ll have a full report tomorrow. But for now, trust me that you can start getting excited, and check out the clip above, which takes in my play on Nessus, in the Pyramidion Strike, and in the Crucible. And go as high-res and big of screen as you can. Believe me, it’s worth it.