de Blob - new impressions

Hands-on with later levels and challenge modes

Speaking of enemies, there are some pretty nasty ones in the late-game levels we tried out. There%26rsquo;s the Elite Inky - who%26rsquo;s impervious to de Blob%26rsquo;s attacks unless Blob%26rsquo;s a particular color. Introduced by a hilarious cutscene reminiscent of classic slapstick animation, this guy will quickly wash the color away from any careless gamer%26rsquo;s Blob-session. There's also the Jet Bikes, who zoom around Chroma City on hoverbikes shaped like fountain pens, causing all sorts of airborne mischief. And then there arethe heavily-armored Leeches that%26rsquo;ll suck the paint out of de Blob%26rsquo;s gelatinous little body - yeah, it does seem kinda creepy.

These baddies represent a significant 180 from the pushovers you%26rsquo;ll find in the opening stages, which seems to be the general trend with de Blob%26rsquo;s difficulty curve. Mission objectives late in the game are similar to the early ones, but require judicious use of advanced techniques like air-braking, using lock-on to leap across long distances and steering in mid-air. Between juggling a variety of enemies, making use of these maneuvers and the rapidly escalating tempo of the soundtrack (the music gets crazier the more you color the stage), de Blob%26rsquo;s later levels are frantic, fun and clever.


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