Dark Sector - updated hands-on

Viral superpowers, horrific metal zombies and nasty dismemberments make our latest look at the game a memorable one

The first level ended with Hayden thrust out into a crate-filled courtyard and immediately attacked by a helicopter gunship. Bringing the thing down meant finding a bazooka - which was conveniently propped up by a nearby shipping container - and keeping out of the way of the chopper's guns long enough to get a missile lock and eventually blow it out of the sky.

It wasn't until the chopper was down that things got really interesting, as Hayden came face to face with a superpowered Technocyte victim encased in freaky armor and wielding a huge blade. Opening fire with the bazooka turned out to be a terrible idea; the creature let fly with a telekinetic shield, grabbed the rocket out of the air and hurled it right back in Hayden's face.


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