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Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! review

Is it as good as the hype suggests?


  • Charming and engaging style
  • Fun minigames
  • Jazz soundtrack fits perfectly


  • Won't hold attention for long
  • Unspectacular graphics
  • A bit sedate considering the title

Unique is a word immediately associated with Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!, a name that just screams %26ldquo;Play me now!%26rdquo; You%26rsquo;ve just got to find out what it involves and why everyone seems to think it%26rsquo;s so good. Is it good? Yes, it is, although its charms and engaging nature only hold attention for so long. Being nominated in the Videogame Writing category in the Writers%26rsquo; Guild Awards 2009 indicates to what degree the game is appreciated and, to an extent, it deserves the applause.

Set in the %26rsquo;20s, the game involves you building up a gang of dilettante females who, by misbehaving, uncover plots and foil dastardly deeds being perpetrated. Picking a queen from a list of characters, you set about recruiting three more on the board game-style map that confronts you. As you do, various plots unfold. There are also side quests to complete, giving bonuses and allowing you to upgrade your characters%26rsquo; skills.

When you confront another character, a minigame appears. One is a poker-style game of bluffing, while another is a reveal-the-words game. There are a reasonable number to go through before you exhaust them all, and there is also a taunt game, which works exactly like Monkey Island%26rsquo;s Insult Sword Fighting. The jazz soundtrack fits perfectly too.

As a casual game for eating up a spare 30 minutes or so, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! is perfect. Clever, original and genuinely pleasing to play, this is easily worth the reasonable price you%26rsquo;ll pay for it on Steam.

Jun 24, 2009

More Info

GenreRole Playing
Description<p>An RPG set in the 1920s and featuring a gaggle of misbehaving young ladies, it's got minigames and wit to spare, even if the game is pretty short.</p>
Release date:14 May 2009 (US), 14 May 2009 (UK)
Available platforms:PC
Genre:Role Playing
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