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Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi O Yobu - Neandororon Daihenshi [import] review

We wish this freakiness would come out over here


  • Lots of ass on display
  • Generous helpings of nuttiness
  • Cool stylus special moves


  • Fairly standard platforming
  • Language barrier
  • Bizarre humor not for everyone

What a load of ass. No, really %26ndash; there%26rsquo;s loads of ass on show in this, the second Shin-Chan to appear on DS (in Japan at least). Our %26lsquo;hero%26rsquo;, Shin-Chan of the title, barely needs an excuse to bare his buttocks and wiggle them at us. Honestly, who wouldn%26rsquo;t fire a laser ray weapon from their bum crack instead of holding it in their hands?

Anyway, as with the previous game this is a fairly standard platformer at heart %26ndash; dash through shortish levels, collect stars and fight bosses %26ndash; but with generous helpings of nuttiness at every turn. Shin-Chan has a number of stylus-and D-pad-activated moves at his disposal, including rolling himself up in a ball and twisting himself around poles to climb them.

More entertaining is when he takes control of the numerous vehicles that are needed to complete the levels %26ndash; a toboggan to tackle a snowy level one minute, a tank that fires water shells to combat a fiery level the next, and so on. It%26rsquo;s definitely one of the better DS platformers and is easy to get to grips with despite the language barrier.

Apr 22, 2009

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Description<p>This Japan-only platformer&#160;based on&#160;the scatological anime series Crayon Shin-chan is filled with great platforming, and features many humorously unique, ass-based powers.</p>
Available platforms:DS
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