ClassicRadar: Celebrity Xbox Avatars

Welcome to ClassicRadar, a weekly collection of GamesRadar’s greatest hits. Celebrity Xbox Avatars originally posted in two parts on Nov 25 and Dec 5, 2008, when these mandatory online doppelgangers had just been introduced and customization options were tediously limited. Considering what little I had to work with at the time, I’m pretty proud of how some of these turned out. Others? Not so much!

Okay, so he looks more ready to serve you burgers and fries than save any princesses, but the gloves, hat and mustache go a long way. If Microsoft owned Nintendo, this is what I imagine Mario might look like.

The tracksuit pants. The disappearing hairline. The murderin' gloves. The general New Jersey vibe. If I haven't recreated Niko Bellic here, I've at least succeeded at a younger Tony Soprano.

Yeah yeah, the shorts aren't short enough. Since you can't change any of the avatar clothing's color, though, it was either these or a pair of hot pink stripper shorts. Hmm, maybe I should rethink this...

Credit for this one goes to PlayStation Editor Mikel Reparaz. The eye scar was the inspiration, obviously, but he also found a clever workaround for the shirtless tattoo. You do have to squint a bit.

Xbox avatars are lacking in many, many, many categories, but pointy ears ain't one of them. I wouldn't be surprised if the selection of silly elf lobes was greater than that for men's shoes. Combined with the choices of blue top and pale skin, Spock was practically begging to be born.

Geek bait here. The avatar tools don't include hairstyles for half the people in our office, but they do include intergalactic cinnamon buns, circa 1977. The rest was easy - I could have given her a beard and a monocle and you wouldn't have cared.

Movie Voldemort actually has icy blue eyes... I borrowed from the book version so I could use the sinister red eyes.

Technically, this suit is "tan" and not black. Hopefully, the wraparound sunglasses, vacant expression and spoon-bending furrow of concentration on Neo's forehead will distract you from that fact.

Blade Runner's kind of a random choice, but I had to find a use for this strange makeup mask. You could have gotten the Hamburglar instead, so be grateful.


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