Chinese take out

Initially, you're tasked with spying on Emile (the leader of the terrorist organization you've infiltrated) and his meeting with a shady doctor who claims to have access to nuclear devices. Of course, if Emile catches you spying on him, he'll be a little upset to say the least, so you've got to employ Sam Fisher's trademark discretion in achieving your goal. As you'll see if you click the Movies tab above, this means you'll need to get Sam in a position where he can listen in on Emile's meeting without getting caught, and nobody ever looks on the outside of a skyscraper to check for bugs, right?

Of course, like most of the levels in Splinter Cell Double Agent, things get considerably messier as you progress. Emile radios in some "wetwork" for you to do, but the NSA occupies your other ear with their usual "you work for us, remember?" line and their own set of tasks (along with the pesky restriction of leaving civilians unmolested... why haven't we completely switched sides again?). If you kick enough ass, you can probably make it out of Shanghai alive and still friendly with your terrorist cohorts, but if you're a straight up ninja pimp, you can not only satisfy the terrorists, but also the NSA... a tricky triumph as some goals are in direct opposition to other goals.

Lying, cheating and stealing are all in a day's work for Sam Fisher... but so are sneaky, spying and coldcocking fools after putting a blade to their neck and demanding information. Now that you've got the skinny on Shanghai, you've only got about a week to wait for our next video that will feature the breathtaking Cozumel level as we run up to the October 17 release of Splinter Cell Double Agent.