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Caster review

Being cute and indie isn't enough


  • Terrain deforming spells
  • More levels on the way
  • Cheap price


  • Feels like a tutorial
  • Doesn't take advantage of cool spells
  • Too short and shallow
  • even for the price

It%26rsquo;s an all too common mistake made by developers of short games. New attacks and abilities are introduced as the levels progress, building toward a big climax. But the result is the entire game feeling like a tutorial, with only one proper level to play at the end. Predictably enough, Caster%26rsquo;s third-person action only gets going right as the game is coming to a close. And worse, this happens after barely more than an hour.

Your character, of the Caster profession, gathers a collection of %26lsquo;beams%26rsquo; used as attacks, each with distinct properties. You%26rsquo;re tasked with destroying the baddies, gathering energy orbs, and occasionally healing trees, all the while using your super-fast dash and epic jumping powers.

Oddly, Caster could have been far more interesting. Two of the beams let you either remove or add to the terrain, Populous-style, and your enormous jumps lead to reality-rippling landings. Had any of this been used beyond getting a couple of orbs out of some liquid, it might have had a hook. As it is, the whole game is so elementary as to barely distract.

May 4, 2009

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Description<p>Even with&#160;its terrain deforming spells, the game is&#160;too short and shallow for the price. Available for download from Steam.</p>
Release date:7 January 2009 (US), (UK)
Available platforms:PC
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