The most exciting thing about Borderlands is that it’s very similar to the ‘80s space western cartoon BraveStarr. In fact, apart from the notable absence of Confederate little people in smocks and sentient, anthropomorphic robot horses, Borderlands is just like it - but with more extreme violence. The second most exciting thing about it is that it’s a little bit like the ill-fated Firefly TV series as well. With that in mind, let us proceed.

Much as in Pitch Black, if you’ll forgive a third comparison, the concept is that mankind has settled on a seemingly unoccupied planet (bar the rumoured alien technology that lies beneath its arid surface), but unfortunately they’ve just turned up at the wrong time of year. Come this planet’s long-awaited spring equinox, things are going to get a little more crowded when the hungry aliens awaken and attack, with elephants that have faces like lady bits and are actually hives for flying red dragons leading the charge.


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