Boomer plushy spawns on Steam’s store

Finally, a Boomer that we want to hug

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Finally, a Boomer that we want to hug. ThisBoomer plush dollhas just released on Steam%26rsquo;s store %26ndash; and we kind of want one. The best part about this huggable monstrosity is that he makes 10 in-game Boomer sounds. We can just picture the roly-poly beast gurgling on our desk right now.

The only problem is the price. Weighing in at $49.99, the plush doll is a bit expensive %26ndash; and the teaser image for incoming plush dolls for four other special infected have us wondering if we%26rsquo;ll be breaking the bank to make sure our Boomer never gets lonely.

Above: We want to feedthis fattysome Boomer Bile

Above: %26hellip;and it%26rsquo;s just the first of five super soft versions of special infected

Apr 30, 2010

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