Boogie Bunnies - Xbox Live Arcade review

  • Side shootin'
  • Nice visuals
  • Simple play mechanics
  • Finicky controls
  • Cute overload
  • Limited play options

Jan 16, 2008

Boogie Bunnies has little to do with dancing or bunnies, it seems. This game is titled entirely by the random ideas used to cover up the fact that it’s a by-the-numbers puzzle game for the Live Arcade service. But no matter how predictable, a good puzzle game is a good puzzle game. So is this a good puzzle game? Read on.

In Boogie Bunnies, your little furry friends march inexorably down the screen towards some sort of imminent doom. Your job is to launch a colored bunny into groups of like-colored bunnies, creating groups of at least three. Groups of three or more will cheer and disappear, keeping them from suffering a grisly - but no doubt cute - bunny death.

And if this game is anything, it’s cute. Disgustingly so. These pastel-colored rodents seem so happy on their death march, and even wave and congratulate you as you play. It’s the definition of eye candy. Oh, and if you play really well, they have a dance party... while they’re marching to their death.

There’s nothing terribly original going on here, but the basic mechanics of the game are so tried and true that you can’t help but have a bit of fun while playing. The one original bit is that you’re not confined to the top of the screen, but can also move your shootin’-bunny up the right and left hand sides of the playfield as well, to complete those almost-out-of-reach combos. The trick here is that any bunny fired and left on the side of the screen won’t continue the march, so he’s stuck there until he meets up with two same-colored friends.

More Info

Release date: Jan 16 2008 - Xbox 360 (US)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Genre: Puzzle
Published by: Sierra Online
Developed by: Artech Studios
ESRB Rating:


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