Bioshock: wet and wild in watery new trailer

Irrational's shooter Bioshock is set in a failed utopia on the seabed, as we all know, which means that there's water here, water there, water everywhere. And water's the focus of a new trailer from the game, so go ahead and dive in by watching the video at the bottom of the page.

To accompany the trailer, Bioshock publisher 2K Games has published an interview with Stephan Alexander, FX artist, and Jesse Johnson, graphics programmer. As well as discussing the representation of water in the game from a technical point of view, they talk about how it's used in the environment and in gameplay - "Water conducts electricity, which can be deadly, and it puts out fires, so a burning AI will run to the nearest pool of water and dive in if there's one close enough (spewing out an appropriate cloud of steam)."

You can read the full interview here.

May 1, 2007


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