BioShock Infinite VGA trailer makes the wait even harder

Irrational Games sure knows how to put a trailer together. This new footage for BioShock Infinite hits all of the right notes - there's a creepy song, shots of some cool areas of the game's city, and some little hints towards what we can expect to find once we land in Columbia.

Are we the only ones that thinks that the sniper rifle Elizabeth gives Booker at the end of the trailer is a little too... modern? It's almost as if she has the power to travel through time or something!

Oh, wait, she does? Well, in that case, we're going to guess that she might eventually travel through time to get us new weapons, and that's something we can totally get behind.


  • BurntToShreds - December 12, 2011 7:48 a.m.

    All that color, oh man, I am so glad to see a legitimate color palette in a shooter again.
  • archnite - December 11, 2011 7:02 p.m.

    Play sad song, sung by sad lady. Show pretty girl looking sad. Play ironically violent footage of game play under sad but hopeful music. RESULT = easily fuck with the heart strings of watcher. Watcher ashamed of himself when it works so perfectly.
  • Redeater - December 11, 2011 8:21 a.m.

    I will be first in line for this game but compared to the other infinite trailers....this one is a touch disappointing.
  • CitizenWolfie - December 11, 2011 2:53 a.m.

    The sniper rifle has been around since the US Civil War when someone had the idea of attaching a brass sight to a Wentworth Rifle. I wasn't keen on Bioshock. I didn't outright hate it but I also didn't think the shooting mechanics were very good which personally distracted me too much from the great story and graphics. However I'm willing to give Infinite the benefit of the doubt as a new series. Loving the art style, loving the themes of power struggles and citizen uprising, the time hole elements look promising and generally, I very much want this game. I still think Elizabeth looks strange though. Call it the "artistic direction" if you want but big boobs/cleavage and a childish face is a bit unnerving.
  • UberNoob - December 11, 2011 10:01 a.m.

    I thought the shooting mechanic were a bit too stiff and exaggerated slightly. I believe Elizabeth looks like a child to represent her childish behavior and the way she was brought up. She's more of the optimistic and bright one between her and Booker (sort of represents the mentality of children). However, the best way to represent that is not literally IMO. Just creepy. The cleavage has to do with the corset-type dress, probably common during the time period or to the steam-punk theme.
  • CitizenWolfie - December 11, 2011 1:15 p.m.

    Don't get me wrong, I can totally understand that they are trying to capture a childlike innocence, and I can understand how the period costume was designed to highlight the bosom area but I don't think they necessarily compliment each other if I'm honest. It's just that from the 10 min E3 trailer, she seems pretty self-assured and somewhat comfortable with her powers (despite being on the run from those bird creatures) to be portrayed as a child. I think that's why I like Chell from Portal - she's not overtly sexy, nor is she a vulnerable princess. She's just "Chell." But it does feel like her design is meant to appeal to either horny teen boys or gamers feeling the need to be protective of a childlike character. And on these cases I feel it fails. Honestly it feels like I'm being petty considering the whole package looks so great but that's just how I see it so far. Obviously the proof is in the playing.
  • UberNoob - December 11, 2011 7:09 p.m.

    I'm not saying your wrong or anything. I also find it a bit strange how she is under-portrayed, considering her situation. I'm not really sure why it seemed like a logical idea during development, but like you said, the proof is in the playing.
  • Elitepwnsface - December 10, 2011 10:06 p.m.

    I just had an extension in my pants. This game is going to be bad ass. For all you complaining little wussy get out of here and stop trolling. I felt the song in the trailer really settled well with the atmospher of what was going on. Can't wait, loved Bioshock 1/2
  • CitizenWolfie - December 11, 2011 2:55 a.m.

    It's not trolling if someone genuinely wants to see something new being shown.
  • UberNoob - December 11, 2011 9:56 a.m.

    No one is trolling. This trailer isn't like the other Bioshock trailers. Not a got representation of the game. It's not in an artistic, unique manner. It's more of a BF3/MW3/action shooter cinematic style trailer, something that's been done over and over again. It's really cliche. This still doesn't affect my stance on getting the game. At the moment, I'm a definitely getting it (unless plans change). Being a "yes-man" is not everyone's thing.
  • ParagonT - December 11, 2011 12:30 p.m.

    There is nothing wrong with being critical, it's just as much valid as being optimistic of a game. I would rather there be critical or dismissive comments on a thread more so than a slew of optimistic and sheepish comments leading to a game being over-hyped and re-hashed. Balance my friend, it's what makes a thread interesting.
  • joe-keilso - December 10, 2011 9:12 p.m.

    BOAR-RING! Show us some new stuff, plz.
  • MasterBhater - December 10, 2011 8:56 p.m.

    Not the greatest trailer. They didn't really pace the gameplay with the music (Music was sad, gameplay was action-packed). But still, this games gonna be fantastic
  • joe-keilso - December 10, 2011 9:13 p.m.

    Yeah it was lame as heck. Disappointed and a waste of time. Don't care about the music. The trailer was boring. Don't give a crap.
  • ObliqueZombie - December 10, 2011 8:43 p.m.

    O_O Never been so excited for a game.
  • Dakken - December 10, 2011 8:29 p.m.

    Sniper = not close to modern. WWII/vietnam era sure. Unless you consider that modern.
  • ThatFanInThePeacoat - December 10, 2011 9:26 p.m.

    The sniper rifle looked Steampunk-ish enough that it could just be one of the weapons in Columbia.
  • ncurry2 - December 10, 2011 8:19 p.m.

    The music in bioshock games is always superb.
  • DualWieldingIsNotFeasible - December 10, 2011 8:10 p.m.

    I don't care if there wasn't much new footage, that was still awesome.
  • Ultimadrago - December 10, 2011 7:39 p.m.

    If I didn't already know I was getting this game, I would be more disappointed...

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