Bionic Commando - hands-on

Capcom and developer Grin also briefly revealed Bionic Commando's multiplayer modes during their Captivate event, touting the game as the "first online multiplayer game to truly feature an advanced wire mechanic." Um, sure? Yes, you can have that extremely specific distinction.

Joking aside, the idea of trying to lose someone else by leaping off a rooftop, turning in mid-air and firing a hook blindly at the last second sounds friggin' amazing. The idea is that, even though you'll be hard to hit while swinging, you'll be easy to track, leading to long bouts of intense chasing. The multiplayer maps are also said to be different from the usual crop because of the vertical-minded gameplay; the greenhouse level we saw certainly echoed this sentiment with super high ceilings and wide open spaces. Can't wait to see what a full 10-player match looks like.

Once in multiplayer you'll take control of random, rainbow-colored soldiers with external bionic arms though, not Nathan. That's kind of boring, but longtime fans will love this bit of info: buying Rearmed unlocks the Super Joe skin for the single-player game. So, then you can play the whole damn game as the green-garbed, red-haired super soldier from the NES game. Hell yes.

BC's still booked for an October release, so look for more as Fall's chilly embrace threatens to swallow and freeze us all.

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June 3, 2008