Best of E3 06: Nintendo DS

Two screens must have meant twice as many good games as we expected... check out the best

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: Fall 2006

First unveiled at this year's Game Developer's Conference, Phantom Hourglass continues cartoon-Link's adventures in the waterlogged world of The Wind Waker. In an attempt to maximize the DS experience, this one uses nothing but the stylus to guide Link through dungeons, grassy fields and a vast ocean. You'll even get some new multiplayer games for your buds to play along.

As the first Zelda on the DS, there's no doubt in our minds this could be the top game for the system this year. But will there be a disconnect if you're not directly controlling your character? We'll need more time with the game to find out - and the wait is already killing us.

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