The best gaming chairs to buy in 2017

Sometimes just the basic couch or recliner just doesn't cut it when it comes to gaming. You don't want your seat to take you out of the game, right? You want your gaming chair to be comfortable, supportive and maybe have a few extra gaming-centric features on it.  

To be truly comfortable, you need more than just a regular sofa so here's our definitive collection of the best gaming chairs. Whether you want a chair for your PC or to settle down in front of the TV, we've got you covered. Your spine will thank you, we promise. 

1. Noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather

When only a luxurious leather throne will do

Dimensions: 54 x 56 x 141cm | Seat height: 131-141cm | Maximum load: 180kg

Genuine leather
Great spine support
Don't set it up alone
Plastic arm rests

There are few gaming chairs out there as just plain luxurious as Noble's premium line. With genuine leather - yes, it does smell and feel lovely - the EPIC series comes in a variety of colours with an attractive stitched hatching on the seat back. Most importantly though is just how solid and comfortable it is while you're sitting at your PC and practically everything is adjustable. You can raise and lower the arm rests, the backrest can be moved to just the right angle and if you fancy a snooze mid game, you can recline it all the way back to 14 degrees. Bliss. 

There's always the drawback of the premium price but the EPIC looks and feels incredible once you've got it all set up and, let's face it, you're going to be in this chair for a long time. Look at it like buying a mattress; you deserve to be comfortable while you play. While it doesn't take too long to build, you should definitely grab a friend to make it easier as the backrest is a little tricky to secure with only one person. Speaking of the back rest, the double spinal and head cushions seal the comfort deal and make everything that little more supportive. You won't believe how much your back has needed that adjustable pillow until it's there. A throne among gaming chairs. 

Best for... Luxurious comfort for those with no budget restraints 

View item: Noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Black/White/Red, Overclockers UK, £439.99

2. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

Great support and comfort with an eyecatching design

Dimensions: 52 x 53 x 140-149cm | Seat height: 140-149cm | Maximum load: 150kg

Striking design
Needs 2 for set up ideally

If you want to make a decor statement with your gaming chair, consider the SL4000 as a striking message to the IKEAs of the world. An ultra-comfortable racing-style seat, it comes in a variety of colours if blue doesn't fit in with your style - the white and black is particularly attractive - and everything is adjustable. Whether it's seat height, four different arm rest settings or the 170 degrees of choice for the back rest, this is a brilliantly customisable offering. 

It does take a little bit to get used to the cushion of the seat with its racing sensibilities but the lumbar cushion support is exceptional and you'll never want to go back to a standard office chair again. Like the Noble chair, we would suggest you set it up with a friend as things can get a bit fiddly when screwing in the backrest but once it's built, you can wheel and spin away on a sea of comfort. Plus, as an aside, the PVC coating is easy to clean. We definitely didn't spill coffee on it....

Best for... Those who want to customise everything on a mid range budget. 

3. Nitro Concepts C80 Pure Series

Gaming comfort at a great price

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 117-124cm | Seat height: 47-54cm | Maximum load: 120kg

Well priced
Difficult to put together
No back cushions

Ideal for when you want your gaming throne to be disguised as an office chair, the Nitro Concepts C80 is well priced and comfortable for long all night sessions.  It manages to both look and feel like a far more expensive too with a stylish design and good cushioning. While it's not quite as adjustable as the others on this list, it makes up for with supportive and comfortable back and arm rests. 

Again, it's not the easiest to set up - get two people - and doesn't come with the lumbar cushions of the more luxurious chairs but its foam back support will keep your spine happy and you'll still feel like a super villain as you spin around. There's also the benefit of a perforated seat covering to prevent everything getting too warm in the hotter months. We didn't notice a noticeable difference but it definitely stays comfortable for seriously long Skyrim sessions. 

Best for... Disguising as an office chair but still meaning gaming business.