AMC Commissions TV Adaptation Of Dan Simmons' The Terror

AMC, the sacking-happy US TV network behind The Walking Dead , is set to bring more terror to television in the form of a small screen adaptation Dan Simmons’ 2007 novel The Terror .

According to Deadline , Scott Free TV, Television 360 and producer Alexandra Milchan are developing the story. David Kajganich ( The Invasion , Blood Creek ) is attached to adapt the screenplay for the pilot.

The book is a fictionalised account of the fate of the real-life lost expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS terror, both of which went mysteriously missing while on voyage to the Arctic in the 1840s. Simmons, perhaps still best known for his science fiction opus The Hyperion Cantos , speculates that the crew were chased across the ice by a monster from Inuit mythology.

Expect three showrunners over the course of the first season… possibly.


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