Alan Wake

Alan Wake is the man who would be (Stephen) King: a horror writer living out nightmares in a sleepy white-picket-fence town. After the disappearance of his fiancé, Alan retires to Bright Falls hoping to get over his writer’s block. No such luck: his nightmares follow him there. So far, so Silent Hill.


But Alan Wake, and the town of Bright Falls, are built on the very latest technology. We’ve seen the developers summon hurricanes to batter and bruise the tiny town, turn daylight on and day off Truman Show style, all while Wake is fleeing ‘things’ shrouded in shadow.

The only question is whether the developers can marshal their impressive technology around a creepy ghost-town ride without resorting to cliché. Given that Remedy’s last game was the hilariously tongue-in-cheek shooter Max Payne, we kind of hope not.


Jan 24, 2008


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